Toulouse, the Pink City of France

Toulouse (in Occitan Tolosa) is a town in the south-west of France, capital of Haute-Garonne (31) and the Midi-Pyrénées region. It is also known as the capital of rugby and violets and is nicknamed « the pink city » because many buildings are made of pink brick.

Toulouse is a town in the south-west of France, capital of the Midi-Pyrénées region and prefecture of Haute-Garonne, halfway between the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea.

It is the fourth largest city in France, after Paris, Marseille and Lyon, with a population of 1,250,200 inhabitants. It is also the largest European city specializing in aeronautics and space, with companies such as the EADS group (Airbus and Astrium), the SAFRAN group (Safran Power, Technofan, Labinal …) Thales group (Thales Avionics and Thales Alenia Space), CNES etc. Finally, Toulouse has the fourth largest student population in France with 103,000 students.

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Athens, the capital of Greece

Athens is the capital of Greece. It is located rather south of mainland Greece, east of the Peloponnese. Its port, Piraeus, is the main starting point by boat for the Greek islands, and Crete. It can also be shipped to Africa.

Athens was one of the most important cities of antiquity, and throughout history, even under the Ottoman occupation, it has retained importance, especially through the port of Piraeus.

Athens hosted the Olympic Games (Olympics) of 1896, the first of the modern era, then those of 2004.

The city has experienced significant growth in the twentieth century, but its extent is limited by the mountain ranges that surround it. Because of these mountains and the density of the population, and despite the public transport infrastructure put in place during the Olympics, Athens has significant air pollution problems.

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5 reasons to go to Macedonia

Enclosed in the middle of the Balkans, the former Yugoslavian province is a destination still sheltered from mass tourism. Yet, the country is home to an important cultural heritage and natural areas still wild. Small tour.


Built on the shores of the eponymous lake near the border with Albania, Ohrid is the country’s tourist capital. Founded in the 3rd century BC, the city has preserved traces of its ancient past, including a Roman theater still very well preserved. In the Middle Ages, the arrival of disciples of St. Cyril made the city a hotbed of Orthodox culture and religion, leading to the construction of numerous monasteries and churches, still in use today. The beaches on the lake and surrounding hills, ideal for long walks enjoying the view, have made it a popular seaside resort in Eastern Europe.

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Discover the American School of Paris in France

asp_logo parisThe American School of Paris is a school that has an international community, it is located in Saint-Cloud at 42, Rue Pasteur. The school offers a fabulous American Studies program to prepare young people of all ages in a life of excellence, to personal and academic development but also in learning trades.

The American School of Paris was the first American school to have an international community in Europe, it was created in 1946. APS is ideally located in Paris, capital of France where we find all the culture and the art today as yesterday.

The school serves in particular to develop the skills of global citizenship through innovative programs and compassionate. A school that is as serious enthusiastic.
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The best amusement parks in Europe

dragon_khan_portaventura-spainEurope have a lot of incredible theme parks, there is always something to offer for everyone, whether you are a hardcore addict rollercoaster or a fan quieter attractions based on moods.
It is impossible to describe the full range of European theme parks in one article, but we would like to introduce some of the most popular. To do this, we selected the 10 best European theme parks based on their performance in number of visitors.

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Find Europe cheap flights on

airfrance parisVisit Europe has become really easy and accessible in prices in recent years with numerous possibilities to travel from one country to another without concern visa and with a multitude of different transport.

The first options that we think are in general the car, train or bus because they are options that cost little money even if the trips are often much longer. However it is very common to forget that airlines also offer very competitive prices to compete with other modes of transport and air travel will save you lots of time when you will have to join two such relatively distant countries in Europe or when you will need to juggle between several means of transport, not to mention the stress due to the hazards of the road.

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