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Why travel to Hungary in Central Europe

Hungary (in Hungarian: Magyarország) is a country in Central Europe. Hungary have an Austria border in the northwest, Slovakia to the north, Ukraine to the north-east of Romania southeast , Serbia to the south, Croatia to the south-west and west Slovenia.

The capital of Hungary is Budapest and the currency is the forint.

The country is not very large (10 million inhabitants, 2 million in Budapest), but it offers many wonderful travel opportunities: the northern mountains, the great plains to the east, lakes and rivers of all kinds, and many pretty villages and hidden gems in the city. In addition, Hungary is easily accessible as it is located in the middle of Europe, a culture and a changing economy, and you get a destination not to be missed if you are in the area.

The official language is Hungarian (magyar Nyelv). Youth and citizens speak English correctly on average. But among the older people, German is spoken, however, only 23% speak English and 25% German.

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World : How to visit Goa in India ?

State of India, Goa is especially famous for its beautiful sunny beaches that attract international tourists as well as locals. The cultural and historical heritage of the region is not negligible.

Goa does not know the cold and the highest temperatures are recorded in May where they often reach between 30 and 39 degrees. Not surprisingly, this region is a tropical place to go because of the diversity of its beaches. Located some 18 kilometers from the capital Panaji, the Anjuna beach and is one of the major destinations for tourists from around the world, particularly attracted by the vibrant nightlife of the place. It is also in this area, and the beach in Vagator, what happens Festival Full Moon Party, a gathering of psychedelic trance music, with origins dating back to the 80s in the same region.
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Business travel declined due to the crisis

Since 2009, the number of trips of employees is not decreasing but companies are cutting back on the price of air tickets, hotels and catering, focusing on return trips a day.

There is no small savings. Since the 2009 crisis, most companies monitor the loupe business travel expenses for their employees. According to a study Mondial Assistance-Travel Pros, published in tourism fair IFTM-Top Resa Paris, 58% of professionals indicated that « one-day-trip » have « increased significantly » in their company for a year.

In addition to the large enterprises, more and more SMEs are also endow a true « travel policy » to control costs.

The use of low-cost airlines has become such a common practice. A third of SMEs managers now travel regularly low cost. And nearly three-quarters of travel policy managers say they trust the low-cost airlines.
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