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Why visit Italy ?

Visit Italy and see what to do in Italy, its sights miss … We chose to focus on Florence and Venice. Good sight-seeing in Italy!

Florence :
City of art and culture par excellence, the Tuscan capital is the depositary of a long and prestigious past, where it was in turn a center of trade and banking in the medieval period, then became the great crossroads of the arts that known when the city-state came under the cut of the Medici family and coined his trademark: the Renaissance. Under the rule of multi-disciplinary genius (Leonardo, Michelangelo …), painters and sculptors (Donatello, Botticelli …), architectural visionary (Brunelleschi, Giotto Florence …), s’ is
enriched during three centuries of the finest works of his contemporaries, who still Vallent all the honors. The city is full of museums, churches, palaces, residences, …
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