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Why travel to Iceland in the North Atlantic Ocean

Iceland europeIceland, whose official name is the Republic of Iceland (Ísland : literally « land of ice »), is an island nation of the North Atlantic Ocean, located between Greenland and Scotland, northwest of Faroe Islands. It is located on the mid-Atlantic ridge separating the Eurasian tectonic plates and North America and has so many volcanoes. Geographically closer to the American continent via Greenland, the country is culturally and historically linked to Europe. The country has an area of ​​103,000 km2 and a population of approximately 320 000 inhabitants. Its capital and largest city is Reykjavík. Icelandic is the official language.

Two another famous cities off Iceland :
-Akureyri, the second largest city, located in the north
-Hofn, a port city where ships arrive from Europe

Iceland is located on the edge of the Arctic Circle and the Mid-Atlantic Ridge. Its climate is extremely windy and rainy. The cover is thin and rare. Erosion is very high. Lire la suite de cette entrée »

How to visit Madrid, the Spain capital

madrid spainMadrid is the capital of Spain. It is the capital of the Autonomous Community of Madrid.

Madrid is the largest city in Spain. The original small town of Castile, the central region of Spain, it has gradually become capital of the Spanish kingdom.

Madrid is a bustling city by excellence, the great university attracts a large number of students who enliven the city throughout the year. Restaurants, bars, and nightclubs abound and it is not uncommon to see traffic on the Gran Vía at three in the morning.

Finally, it is also important to remember about Madrid is its climate as the spanish say « nueve meses de invierno, tres meses of infierno » (nine months of winter, three months of hell).

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World : How to visit Goa in India ?

State of India, Goa is especially famous for its beautiful sunny beaches that attract international tourists as well as locals. The cultural and historical heritage of the region is not negligible.

Goa does not know the cold and the highest temperatures are recorded in May where they often reach between 30 and 39 degrees. Not surprisingly, this region is a tropical place to go because of the diversity of its beaches. Located some 18 kilometers from the capital Panaji, the Anjuna beach and is one of the major destinations for tourists from around the world, particularly attracted by the vibrant nightlife of the place. It is also in this area, and the beach in Vagator, what happens Festival Full Moon Party, a gathering of psychedelic trance music, with origins dating back to the 80s in the same region.
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How to visit Belgium in Europe ?

Belgium is a country in Western Europe, member of the Benelux. It is bordered by France to the south, the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and Germany to the east, the Netherlands in the north and the North Sea to the west.

Populated by three linguistic communities unequally represented, Belgium also hosts the headquarters of some of the European institutions and NATO in Brussels, the capital. But language issues plague the country. Since antiquity influenced by the Germanic world (north) and the Latin world (south), the two main communities face the past fifty years in an apparently insoluble crisis. Of the country’s independence in 1830, the two world wars of the twentieth century, French was the dominant language economic exchanges, military, politics. Legitimate Dutch frustration of the country has found its climax in the 1960s, with the linguistic split the Catholic University of Leuven in 1968 (Louvain in French, including French equivalent was created a few years later under the name of Louvain-la-Neuve, Walloon Brabant) and the gradual separation of the country on both sides of the language border. Since a large part of the political elite Dutch caress the desire to deepen the federalization of the country until the final separation advocated by some. On the French side, the idea is gaining ground, but without enthusiasm.
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