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How to visit Madrid, the Spain capital

madrid spainMadrid is the capital of Spain. It is the capital of the Autonomous Community of Madrid.

Madrid is the largest city in Spain. The original small town of Castile, the central region of Spain, it has gradually become capital of the Spanish kingdom.

Madrid is a bustling city by excellence, the great university attracts a large number of students who enliven the city throughout the year. Restaurants, bars, and nightclubs abound and it is not uncommon to see traffic on the Gran Vía at three in the morning.

Finally, it is also important to remember about Madrid is its climate as the spanish say « nueve meses de invierno, tres meses of infierno » (nine months of winter, three months of hell).

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How to Find an apartment in Spain ?

You want to lease or purchase in Spain in order to spend a good holiday or to stay there permanently. Whether for one reason or the other, there are different ways to find what you want, but there are also scams that must of course be avoided. Here are some tips that might interest you.

Find an apartment for sale or rent is not very difficult. There are many specialized websites that can help you find your happiness.

Above all, you must know where you want to install. You will not be lost, because life is almost the same in France or in Europe but you have some very big cities in Spain and i think you will like Barcelona apartments more than in Paris.
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How to visit Spain in Mediterranean Europe ?

Spain is a country in Mediterranean Europe sharing the Iberian Peninsula with Portugal to the west and the Principality of Andorra to the north is bordered by the Pyrenees mountain range that separates France. Spain is the country that contains the second highest number of heritage sites of UNESCO after Italy and the largest number of cities classified as World Heritage.

The major cities of Spain are Madrid, the Capital,   Málaga, Barcelona, Seville, valence, Cordoba, Bilbao, Zaragoza, Salamanca …

The Other Must to see destinations are Girona, Saint Jacques de Compostela and Elche.

There are three main climatic zones in Spain:

The Mediterranean climate characterized by a hot and dry summer. According to the Köppen classification, it is dominant in the peninsula, with two main nuances: the Mediterranean climate type (Csa climate), present in the southern part of the country, in the northwest of the country with the scorching summers less because of the proximity of the ocean or altitude (Csb climate). Lire la suite de cette entrée »