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Why and When travel in Romania in Europe

Romania is connected by air to many European capitals.

No visa is required for EU nationals for stays of less than three months.

The motto of course is the new Romanian leu.

The expected budget is quite low, because Romania is still a cheap country. Accommodation will cost way less than 50 €, and a very decent meal under 15 €.

There are no serious health problem in Romania, but the traditional vaccinations are recommended, as well as against hepatitis A. In the mountains, boil water or purify it before drinking. Take a few precautions against stray dogs (even in bright Bucharest!), Ticks in the countryside, and mosquitoes.

Regarding your travel within the country, the aircraft can be an affordable solution to move the capital to major cities. Buses are also very inexpensive, but lack of efficiency. The train is probably the means of transport which has the best quality / price ratio in Romania. Lire la suite de cette entrée »

How to visit Belarus in Eastern Europe ?

belarus_Belarus is a country in Eastern Europe.

Cities of Belarus are Minsk, the capital; Gomel; Vitebsk, Mogilev, Grodno, Brest (Belarus), on the border with Poland and Ukraine, Pinsk and Babrousk.

After the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991, the Republic of Belarus, a former Soviet Socialist Republic of Belarus found independence she had known only briefly during the transition period between the end of the Russian Empire and the creation of the USSR from 1918 to 1922. In contact with Poland to the west and Russia in the east, Belarus was in history a privileged terrain for fighting cultural, religious, political and military of both countries, and it still barely to build a national identity out of this rivalry and cultural influences exerted by its two large neighbors.

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