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Why travel to Portugal ?

Portugal, with over ten million visitors annually, remains a popular destination for tourists. With a rather favorable climate throughout the year, the country is ready to welcome you whenever you want for a varied holiday. But what to spend holidays in Portugal?

Lisbon, the capital, is not surprisingly the main destination for tourists visiting Portugal. The city has several attractive points, including the old town with its cathedral and the « Da Landra market. » This is particularly in June that the area comes to life with dancing at parties. But if you have limited time, enjoy a cruise on the Tagus river, which crosses the city and allows you to have a relatively comprehensive view of Lisbon. After these visits, you will regain quickly the sea and the nearby resorts like Estoril. Notice to players by the way, Estoril has a casino!
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Why Visit France ?

France is the country hosting the largest number of tourists and not for nothing. There is much to see! But precisely what are the inevitable?

There are tour packages that allow you to have an overview of all the wonders of this beautiful country. A guide will accompany you throughout your stay and you do not have to worry about transportation. You travel for two weeks aboard a comfortable bus. In addition, all your hotels are booked and all your excursions as well. You do not have to do anything!

For example you can land in Paris and then direct you to the North: Brittany and Normandy. Cathedral of Evreux, Rouen, Caen, Arramanches, Avranches, Villedieu-les-stoves. All beautiful places. Do not miss the Mont Saint-Michel, this immense fortified abbey. You then continue your journey to St. Malo. The harbor view is spectacular. Then the bus takes you to Rennes, where you can visit the cathedral and the park of Tabor. Lire la suite de cette entrée »