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Why travel to Portugal ?

Portugal, with over ten million visitors annually, remains a popular destination for tourists. With a rather favorable climate throughout the year, the country is ready to welcome you whenever you want for a varied holiday. But what to spend holidays in Portugal?

Lisbon, the capital, is not surprisingly the main destination for tourists visiting Portugal. The city has several attractive points, including the old town with its cathedral and the « Da Landra market. » This is particularly in June that the area comes to life with dancing at parties. But if you have limited time, enjoy a cruise on the Tagus river, which crosses the city and allows you to have a relatively comprehensive view of Lisbon. After these visits, you will regain quickly the sea and the nearby resorts like Estoril. Notice to players by the way, Estoril has a casino!
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How to visit Madrid, the Spain capital

madrid spainMadrid is the capital of Spain. It is the capital of the Autonomous Community of Madrid.

Madrid is the largest city in Spain. The original small town of Castile, the central region of Spain, it has gradually become capital of the Spanish kingdom.

Madrid is a bustling city by excellence, the great university attracts a large number of students who enliven the city throughout the year. Restaurants, bars, and nightclubs abound and it is not uncommon to see traffic on the Gran Vía at three in the morning.

Finally, it is also important to remember about Madrid is its climate as the spanish say « nueve meses de invierno, tres meses of infierno » (nine months of winter, three months of hell).

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How and when visit Finland in Northern Europe

Finland is a country in Northern Europe. It shares borders with Norway, Sweden and Russia.

Finland is a country of thousands of lakes (most of which communicate with each other) and islands (187,888 lakes and 179,584 islands). One of these lakes, Saimaa, is the fifth largest in Europe. Beside the many lakes, the landscape is dominated by boreal forests (about 68% of the country) and little arable land. Most of the islands are in the south-west, in the Åland Islands, and along the southern coast of the Gulf of Finland.

Climate In Finland : The climate in Southern Finland is Nordic. In northern Finland, particularly in Lapland, subarctic climate dominates, characterized by very cold winters sometimes (possibly down to -40 ° C). In the south and southwest, the winters can be harsh, depending on the year. The snow, in any case, is more irregular than in northern Finland. The summer sees the thermometer up to 29 ° C.
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