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Why travel to europe ?

Europe is a land area which can be viewed either as a continent in its own right or as the western extremity of the Eurasian continent, even as a sub-parts of the super continent of Afro-Eurasia, by location of view. It is sometimes called the « Old Continent », as opposed to the « New World » (America). On the cultural front, Europe has been a multiplicity of influences over the ages, and includes many countries that possess both a common heritage of linguistic, religious and historical and recent contributions from the « New World « and the Afro-Eurasia, particularly in former colonial powers. As such, Europe is a community of peoples, which tends to be politically, with the European Union, in an area of open civilization, forged in part by a millennial history, and secondly by mondialisation Lire la suite de cette entrée »

How to travel in Sweden ?

swedenBy entering Sweden, it seems that time stands still. The Swedish population is a quiet temperament and Swedes are easily affordable by foreigners. Their deep respect for nature is rooted in their manners and you will always find the places you visit very clean and well kept.

Lovers of landscapes, hiking, photographers, history buffs, all will find their account. Even large cities are nice to visit and their human size allows to visit on foot, during a long weekend for example.

The standard of living is high in Sweden, so stay can be quite expensive but the service and the context will always excellent. However, there are many ways to stay for a reasonable price, especially in hostels, also present in the Anglo-Saxon countries. And if you really want a unique experience, you can descend into the famous hotêl ice! Lire la suite de cette entrée »