An European road trip with your own customised car

road trip europeYou have a serious desire to travel in Europe with your own car ? Enjoy our beautiful youth and economy at half mast to make a great travel prior to plunge headlong into a wobbly market and sad job.

Let the adventure begin, cross the mountains, flirt with new sensations … Life is for living and no regrets. If travel involves a certain budget, we give you some tips so you will do not spent a lot of money unnecessarily. First, stay in “the corner”! Beautiful and heterogeneous landscapes as each other cultures, Europe has so much to offer for a traveler. If you have a car, there is nothing more effective in achieving many economies, you just have to drive and cross the frontiers.

Couples or friends, from two makes you feel calmer, share extraordinary moments and divide by two all costs. This last point is important, especially in our current economic environment. Few travelers who are rolling in money and this is also the magic of a trip between “resourceful”.
Whether you ride on a break or not, there is always a way to customize your car to make it more convenient and make a dorm or you can give more power to your car with a RaceChip Chiptuning. Here again, you will save a lot of money if you choose to sleep in your car rather than to sleep in a hostel. Alternate these two means sleeping, you come out like a winner and saved a lot of money while ensuring a minimum of comfort.

Before you leave, it is advisable to conduct a complete review of the vehicle. If you break down in the depths of Eastern Europe, you may pay a bill more or less heavy. To reduce the risk, do not hesitate to invest in some equipment for your car. On Internet you will find a lot of cheap quality tires. Depending on the season, you may need winter tires to get through some parts of Europe.
Also, the benefits of driving abroad – especially in the Eastern Europe – remain much more affordable in terms of fuel. Depending on your itinerary, rates vary considerably. This is a point on which you have to be extra careful to make good economies.

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