Why you need to speak french before visiting France

Paris-FranceFrance abounds in memorable places and sites to visit! By choosing to stay in France language you learn not only the purest version of the language , but you also can discover a nation of exceptionally varied landscapes.
The authenticity of the rural villages , the growing dynamism of large urban areas, the French landscape is surprisingly different sides of its territory.
France is also known worldwide for its rich history and its monuments. So if you go to Paris , the capital, you can see many historical places , the essential Notre Dame de Paris and other great monuments.

You can visit important sites such as Versailles, the Louvre or climb to the top of the Eiffel Tower and all this just in the capital!
With its cultural diversity , its fascinating past , exceptional nightlife , the recognized worldwide and more gourmet cuisine , Paris is one of the most popular tourist destinations worldwide . Whatever the length of your course in France , the French capital will always surprise you .

But that’s not all, because with very good infrastructure and public transport very efficient, it is very easy to explore the whole France .
However, if you want to go in small villages, you should learn French before visiting because English is very little practice and then to visit a country that is better when you already know how to speak the language to communicate more easily with the locals.

From Paris , you can easily go by train to other beautiful cities of France such as Marseille , Bordeaux or Toulouse and discover other aspects of France .
Other cities like Lyon or Montpellier are internationally recognized by the educational world , two university cities that can also boast of the quality of their traditional architecture.
To discover another facet of France , choose to take French courses for greater immersion in French culture and share moments with the locals.

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