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Why travel to europe ?

Europe is a land area which can be viewed either as a continent in its own right or as the western extremity of the Eurasian continent, even as a sub-parts of the super continent of Afro-Eurasia, by location of view. It is sometimes called the « Old Continent », as opposed to the « New World » (America). On the cultural front, Europe has been a multiplicity of influences over the ages, and includes many countries that possess both a common heritage of linguistic, religious and historical and recent contributions from the « New World « and the Afro-Eurasia, particularly in former colonial powers. As such, Europe is a community of peoples, which tends to be politically, with the European Union, in an area of open civilization, forged in part by a millennial history, and secondly by mondialisation Lire la suite de cette entrée »

Why visit Ukraine in Eastern Europe

Ukraine has enormous potential that enchants many tourists. Ukraine has many tourist attractions. Ukraine has excellent climatic conditions and picturesque nature. Many regions of Ukraine may sell their ethnic originality. So, tourists have an excellent opportunity to discover the national culture, songs, dances and meals for Ukraine.

The richness of the potential natural, historical and cultural development of Ukraine is hardly to overestimate. More than 500 cities in Ukraine were founded there are over 900 years, 4500 villages of Ukraine are more than 300 years. Over 150 miles of monuments of culture, history and archeology reflect the remarkable story of the Ukrainian people. 80% of monuments from the time of the Kievan Rus (IX – XII centuries) are concentrated in the territory of Ukraine. More than 600 museums keep artifacts the most remarkable in the history and culture of Ukraine.
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