Study abroad in Spain

Whether you are a beginner or already a little hustler in the language, the language courses are always good opportunities to improve their language proficiency. Here, we discuss the various options available to you for a language course in Spain, with Nacel International, a company specializing in language course offerings throughout the world.

It can be intimidating not to know how to speak Spanish, or very little, and directly from there. But it is precisely the aim of studying abroad: put yourself in a situation where you have no choice but to finally speak the language you are learning, and thus to make much progress. The language courses usually last more than two weeks. For best results, three to four weeks seems a good choice. With Nacel International, you have the opportunity to live in a Spanish family to share their lives, while taking courses and conducting activities that will introduce you to Spanish culture.

Reserved for those who have at least two years of Spanish behind them, the long-term stay can be a great way to reach a current level in Spanish. Whether for a semester or longer, you end up in a family to attend classes at the local school. Be careful, as you take courses in a Spanish school, it is important to already have a minimum of vocabulary, even if you are not yet fully developed. This will be measured by an interview before leaving.

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