Business travel declined due to the crisis

Since 2009, the number of trips of employees is not decreasing but companies are cutting back on the price of air tickets, hotels and catering, focusing on return trips a day.

There is no small savings. Since the 2009 crisis, most companies monitor the loupe business travel expenses for their employees. According to a study Mondial Assistance-Travel Pros, published in tourism fair IFTM-Top Resa Paris, 58% of professionals indicated that “one-day-trip” have “increased significantly” in their company for a year.

In addition to the large enterprises, more and more SMEs are also endow a true “travel policy” to control costs.

The use of low-cost airlines has become such a common practice. A third of SMEs managers now travel regularly low cost. And nearly three-quarters of travel policy managers say they trust the low-cost airlines.

Budget airlines have launched successfully in this market last year, with special offers for business travelers, wants to develop more business lines linking key airports for example here you can find many cheap flights.

In the area of conferences and seminars, hunting costs in full swing again. “The long-term trend over the past two-three years is less far, less luxury, less time and fewer”, says the head of an agency that specializes in this niche. A trend that could eventually weigh if it spreads, business tourism traditionally providing 20 to 30% of total tourism receipts in France. The year 2012, business travel spending expected to fall 2.2% in France, but much more in Spain and Italy, according to the International Association of Business Travel (GBTA), which relies on a rise of 1.1% in France in 2013.

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