Formalities to go to England

Formalities to go to England

With the global health crisis, it is now essential to know the conditions of entry and stay in the United Kingdom in the face of the new standards put in place. Today, all the parameters must be taken into account to cross borders without incident.

With this in mind, we are going to discover in more depth the system made available to us and thus shed a little more light on this crucial step in preparing for a peaceful trip to the United Kingdom.

Entry requirements

Before being able to enter the UK, it is necessary to have the appropriate administrative documents and information.

Who can enter the UK?

European travelers must have a valid passport in order to cross the border. For residents benefiting from the United Kingdom’s Withdrawal Agreement from the European Union, eligible for (pre)settled status, an identity card can still be used until 2025.

What documents are needed to enter?

In addition to the passport or identity card mentioned above, all travelers will need to provide exact information about where they intend to go and about the reasons and the expected duration of their stay in the United Kingdom. Additional restrictions may apply depending on where you are staying or residing.

What are the fees to pay?

Some fees may be charged to travelers who want to enter the United Kingdom, these fees varying according to the type of access (voluntary, professional or other).
Conditions of stay

The United Kingdom offers travelers a pleasant experience thanks to its cultural diversity and its natural wealth; so that everything goes well for your stay, here is some useful information to know about the conditions and formalities to be respected.

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What is the maximum length of stay?

The maximum cumulative duration of the various consecutive trips must not exceed 90 days over a period of 180 days.

What documents are needed to extend the stay?

Anyone wishing to extend their stay must obtain special authorization from the British public services concerned before the start of their stay. Once the permit has been obtained, it will be necessary to keep a printed copy for the duration of the stay.

Exit conditions

Once your stay is over, you must follow the conditions and instructions necessary to leave the British territory.

What documents are needed to leave the UK?

In order to be able to leave the United Kingdom without any hassle, you will need to have up-to-date information requested by the competent authority: full first and last name; means of transport used (train, bus or ferry); full address and telephone number; final destination ; reasons for the trip; exact financial details and Financial Identification Number (NIF) if available.

What are the fees to pay?

The price of tickets for travel by train, bus or ferry must be paid by the passenger before departure. An insurance policy may also be required depending on the method of transport chosen; it covers certain medical expenses and other costs associated with the trip.

Health precautionary measures

The Covid-19 pandemic having generated strong political and economic instability, strict sanitary measures have been adopted in order to maintain a high level of civil and social protection throughout the migratory process.

It is important to follow the evolution of the pandemic and to inquire before any trip.

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Other useful information

Here are some websites and organizations to contact for more information.

Which websites should I consult for additional information?

You can head to the official UK government website (GOV UK) to find up-to-date information on all UK restrictions and requirement s: www. You can also call the toll free number +44 800 090 2222 to speak with a call center agent who will be able to answer all your questions regarding entering and leaving the UK.

What organizations should I contact for additional information?

If you need legal or financial advice on the conditions of staying in or returning to the United Kingdom, do not hesitate to contact the Royal British Embassy in France.

For advice on your favorite tourist destination visit the Visit Britain website ( or call the toll free number +44 845 850 1740

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