Tips for renting a car in Europe

All people who live in a big city already know that – to go on a weekend or on holidays – rent a car is cheaper than buying one, even a second hand. Insurance, maintenance, parking are all fixed costs that owners must provide. Indeed rent is often free!

Rent a car for weekends or holidays is a formula increasingly run by citizens. And for good reason! According to the comparative specialized press, less than 10 000 km per year for two sorties per week less than 150 km, the car hire cost 35% less expensive than owning a car means range.

Moreover you can have a small car in a city and need a large vehicle to transport your family to the sea While rent requires a minimum of comparison, a fine enough reading the terms and attention on the price the extra mile.

All licensed car on which there remain points and not being subject to a temporary suspension.
But for young drivers under 25 years companies have introduced specific rules.

There is a huge variety of cars available when you hire cars for every type of trip – that is why it is recommended to book prior to the arrival – also in order to secure the best deals. Indeed it is 48 hours of taking the vehicle prices start to climb on some models, typically entry level.

They are many choices of car hire on the internet, that is why I suggest you first look at this car hire site before make your choice.

Bigs cars are more expensive weekend at the last minute during the week, like 9 places often booked by clubs and associations. Playing well on dates and times and remember that the ideal is to rent 30 days before.

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Finally, it is always wise to call ahead to rent, even on the Internet. Finally, never forget that weekends are prone cheap packages.

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