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Why visit the beautiful city of Paris, capital of France

paris france europeParis, the City of Lights, Paris, the romantic city, Paris has the largest number of tourists every year … Paris is the city that attracts qualifiers, provided that the number of visitors who came to discover Paris.

The French capital is full of wonders to visit, some of which are downright symbols of France. Monuments, museums, places to hang it up. Start with the monuments. Among them, the Eiffel Tower. Built by G.Eiffel in 1889, it measures 317 meters high.

You can visit up the stairs or take the elevator to access the panoramic view of the city. Access to the Champ de Mars in the seventh district by metro namesake. Then you can visit the Cathedral Notre Dame de Paris. Located on the Ile de la Cité, was built in the fourteenth century, in the Gothic style of the period. The cathedral is the most visited monument of Paris, in front of the Eiffel Tower.
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How to visit Cannes in the south of France

Cannes_FranceCannes is an important city in the south of France, situated in the Alpes-Maritimes.

Authentic southern village rich and varied heritage, magnificent contemporary city with a special mention for luxury and glamor, Cannes will surprise you around every street and in its immediate surroundings …

With a rate of sunshine, excellent restaurants, historic heart, sandy beaches (although the beaches of the region are rather pebbles) and its beautiful bay, Cannes has strengths and tourist resorts in the world world envy.
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French attractions less crowded this summer

Tourism professionals have seen a decline in attendance at French sites this summer compared to last year, « with the exception of Paris and mountain resorts where stability is required, » according to a report released Tuesday and established by tourist offices in France, Ski France, France and the Trump Network Rn2d. Factors affecting attendance, Federation cites « the impact of weather conditions, lower budget holiday, rising fuel prices, as well as shortening the length of stay. »

« This feeling of falling attendance for both French and international customers, » the statement added. With regard to foreign tourists, professionals have found attendance « stable » for UK customers, German and Benelux, « down » for Iberian and Italian customers and increase for North American Swiss including Asian . Lire la suite de cette entrée »

Tourism: Where to find free wifi in Europe

Free wifi coverage was inaugurated in Paris France on Tuesday by the Spanish company GOWEX in forty areas devoted to transportation. In stations, platforms, platforms, square, 66 « hotspots » broadcast « 24H/24 free wireless internet to a megabit per second. » But in terms of the subway, only three underground stations have been entitled.

This is also the case in Europe where the metro stations in European capitals are generally not equipped with terminals offering free wifi to its users, then they are found widely in buses and trains.

While on holiday in Europe, if you do not have a package for international and avoid jumping to the ceiling by receiving your bill, here’s a list of places where you can connect wifi.

– In Spain, the subway does not have wifi but all the public buses of Madrid are equipped with free wireless Internet service, provided by GOWEX and launched in September 2010. Also in the capital, sixty buses serving the surrounding towns are also equipped with free wifi. In Madrid and Barcelona, ​​the tourist double-decker buses are equipped with GOWEX.

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Why Visit France ?

France is the country hosting the largest number of tourists and not for nothing. There is much to see! But precisely what are the inevitable?

There are tour packages that allow you to have an overview of all the wonders of this beautiful country. A guide will accompany you throughout your stay and you do not have to worry about transportation. You travel for two weeks aboard a comfortable bus. In addition, all your hotels are booked and all your excursions as well. You do not have to do anything!

For example you can land in Paris and then direct you to the North: Brittany and Normandy. Cathedral of Evreux, Rouen, Caen, Arramanches, Avranches, Villedieu-les-stoves. All beautiful places. Do not miss the Mont Saint-Michel, this immense fortified abbey. You then continue your journey to St. Malo. The harbor view is spectacular. Then the bus takes you to Rennes, where you can visit the cathedral and the park of Tabor. Lire la suite de cette entrée »