French attractions less crowded this summer

Tourism professionals have seen a decline in attendance at French sites this summer compared to last year, “with the exception of Paris and mountain resorts where stability is required,” according to a report released Tuesday and established by tourist offices in France, Ski France, France and the Trump Network Rn2d. Factors affecting attendance, Federation cites “the impact of weather conditions, lower budget holiday, rising fuel prices, as well as shortening the length of stay.”

“This feeling of falling attendance for both French and international customers,” the statement added. With regard to foreign tourists, professionals have found attendance “stable” for UK customers, German and Benelux, “down” for Iberian and Italian customers and increase for North American Swiss including Asian .

An end of season “quite satisfactory”

In detail, “this season is rather characterized by a withdrawal of hotel occupancy, except that Paris believes the rise, a decline in attendance of campsites in the northern part of the country and lower for furnished more pronounced in West and South East. ”

Regarding the end of the season, it is considered “quite satisfactory” by professionals, but with attendance declines recorded in August in cities (outside Paris), Brittany, between West and South-Eastern France . In September, the number of tourists has also been deemed “quite satisfactory”, Paris is “already satisfied with the level of tourists.” This study identifies cyclical views of 1224 tourist offices and tourist information centers, 70 development agencies and tourist booking and 22 ski resorts.

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