5 Best Dishes not to miss in Italy

italy-carbonaraThe culture and history of the Italians soaked ground are marked by their unique cuisine. Italian cuisine is famous worldwide and hearty dishes awaken all the senses and create a gourmet delight for food lovers. The real Italian cuisine is centered on simple dishes that put the flavors of their ingredients. Accompany these with a fine wine, old cheese and top it with their famous sweet fruit and ice and you’ll eat a king meals. There are a few Italian dishes that should not be missed.

Bruschetta: A plate of fresh bruschetta glistening tomatoes and olive oil is the best way to start your meal. This entry originates in Central Italy and 15th century. Toasted bread spread with garlic and covered with the extra virgin olive oil and spicy salt and pepper are the basis. It is then garnished with spicy red peppers, vegetables, beans, tomatoes, smoked meat and cheese and then put in the Brustolina grid. When it is served, this magnificent entrance with its flavored fresh and tasty base trim is really something incredible!

Straciatella: This soup egg also known as ‘alla Romana’ is a famous menu of the entry. It is composed of beaten eggs, cheese shavings, pepper, salt, nutmeg and sometimes semolina and then slowly added to a broth boiling salted producing small pieces of cooked egg. The original Italian recipe stops here, making soup flavored but not heavy as in other versions of the soup view outside Europe which are also added the cream.

Pizza Margherita: Originally from the Neapolitan kitchen, pizza is a famous dish worldwide. The most popular of all the pizzas is definitely the Pizza Margherita. The Italian dishes are all about minimalist fittings in order not to stifle the flavors of other ingredients. The base is soft and flaky and baked like a thin crust with a wood fire flavor. The lining is made of tomato, mozzarella lamella, basil and olive oil extra virgin. When you bite a slice, break out the flavors of the ingredients in your mouth as you take ownership of the delicate and delicious taste of the dish.

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Spaghetti alla Carbonara: Composed eggs, Pecorino Romano (grated cheese produced from sheep’s milk), guanciale (unsmoked ham from jaw or pork cheek) and black pepper, this Italian pastry is one of most famous among all the spaghetti dishes. Created in the mid 20th Century, it is translated literally as ‘spaghetti Women minor’. Pork is fried in olive oil or lard and cheese mixture, egg and olive oil is mixed with hot paste cooked eggs. One bite of this is enough to understand why it is so famous. Accompanied by freshly baked crusty bread and red wine, this menu will give you satisfaction in any way.

Saltimbocca: This dish is aligned with tender veal and topped sage and prosciutto that is marinated in oil and wine and capers. There is a version where the dish is wrapped and cooked in butter and Marsala (a kind of wine). The dish has a distinct taste of meat that is accented by the ingredients that accompany it, and is a superb main course.

It is easy not stop talking about Italian dishes. But if there are five dishes that should not be missed, so it is them.

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