How to visit Norway? (advice, practical guide)

Peaks, glaciers, deep fjords and islands of beauty, here in Norway. Discover this country is going to meet amazing landscapes, wildlife, but also those who have preserved the tradition. Here are a few words about Norway, a few circuits, how to get there and some before you go.

A in length, Norway stretches over 1750km. Located on the North Sea, the kingdom of Europe is divided into six regions very different from each other: East Norway, the Sorland and Telemark, the Vestland the Trondelag, Norway and North the Oslofjord.

The Norwegians, hospitable nature, will do well for you. The most famous attractions are fjords and Northern Lights in the North.

The tours and how to get there?

Package tours

Some offers tours in Norway as the major fjords on the road trolls, the first inhabitants of the country before men. Discover this land of legend and its cities (Oslo, Bergen) through a circuit of eight days. The expected price for a stay from Paris is 1165 to 1255 €.

North Cape is the circuit that will take you on a cruise to the fjords. You will go under the sea in a road tunnel that links the mainland to the island Mageroy. Finally, you will go to mythic North Cape.
This tour, from Paris, will cost around € 2000.

Free travel

For those who want to travel to Norway by their own means, be aware that there are different ways to access this country, namely the plane or boat.

The Norwegian company ( offers year-round travel to Norway. Prices vary depending on the time of travel and point of departure.

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The Norwegian Air Shuttle Asa offers a flight from Paris to Kristiansand for a price ranging from 152 to € 239.80.
Some tips before you go

Norway does not adhere to the Euro and so you need to change your currency Krone.

Since March 2011, Norway joins Schengen. So you can cross the border only, with a valid ID.

For travelers sighted, know that you can not bring more than 10kg of canned food and with no more than 10Kg of fruits and vegetables.

For motorhome, be aware that some roads in Norway are very narrow and few indicated for large vehicles.

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