Why travel in Bosnia and Herzegovina in Mediterranean Europe

pyramid bosniaBosnia and Herzegovina is a country in Mediterranean Europe. Bosnia and Herzegovina is a country located in Southeastern Europe on the Balkan Peninsula. It is surrounded by Croatia, Serbia and Montenegro, and has a small opening on the Adriatic Sea.

The main cities of Bosnia and Herzegovina are :

Sarajevo, the old town is completely restored, we can therefore take advantage of this facility Oriental style, with its mosques. The National Library is being restored (it was burned during the war) and is empty.
Mostar: The town owes its name to the old bridge is there, it is appointing Stari Most (Old Bridge in Bosnia). Destroyed during the war, is now rebuilt thanks to the cooperation of UNESCO. At the foot of it, the old town, with its souvenir shops and cafés and restaurants. If we go to the nearby museum, we can see the vessels of the daily life of a family. The tour ends with a video deck, you can see the destruction and reconstruction phases.

Medjugorje: The Virgin appear since June 25, 1981. The city has been a center of Catholic pilgrimage. Serve the bus.

Bugojno: Bugojno is in Federation Bosnia and Herzegovina. Near the city is located in the mountains Kordici, a legend passes from generation to generation, the famous legend “Kameni Svatovi” (Bridal Rocks). Approaching the village Kordici which is in the mountains in a quiet, peaceful and serene you will find the famous “Kameni Svatovi” (Roches Bridal) and you will be delighted and amazed by the natural beauty. Travelers are advised to visit the Bugojno and Kordici. In addition, in the village of Kordici found a source supposed to cure eyes.

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What do you have to see :

-Pyramid of Bosnia :
The hypothesis of pyramids in Bosnia (Bosnian, Bosnian piramida), also called “Bosnian pyramids” or “hill Visočica” is a hypothesis whose claim archaeological press has echoed in October 2005.

Viewed from certain angles, Visočica hill, 213 meters high and was the center of the medieval capital Bosnian Visoko, northwest of Sarajevo has a symmetrical pyramid. It is from this that Semir Osmanagic writer Bosnian formulated a theory that this form is of human origin. His theory has received no recognition from the international archaeological community and has been denounced by a petition of archaeologists as a “cruel hoax” and a “waste of resources”.

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