Dhermi on the Albanian Riviera

Dhermi is a village in the municipality of Himare on the Albanian Riviera. To reach the village by plane, one must land at Tirana International Airport and then take the buses to the south and Saranda Himara. Or first go to Corfu, then take the boat to Saranda (morning or afternoon), then the bus to Dhermi, (in 14 hours afternoon).
By boat, from Corfu to Saranda (all year) or Himara (in summer), then take the bus to Dhermi. Or from Italy with Bari, Brindisi to Vlora and Hard, then take the bus to Saranda or Himara.
By bus, from Tirana take the bus directly to Dhermi every afternoon, at the bus station, heading south.

Buses run regularly between Vlora and Sarande. They are cheap and also stop at the national park just south of Vlorë, which has several restaurants. The road is excellent on the summit of the pass as you head south to Saranda.

Things to see in Dhermi:
The monastery of St. Mary Panajia atop the village shop, the monastery of Saint Theodhor, The Cave of the Pirate (only by boat), Shkambo beaches, Jaliskari, Perivoli, Gjipe, and the village of Dhermi (to visit on old narrow stone paths).

In Dhermi, you can rent a speedboat and visit the bay of Gjipe. Take a walk to Gjipe Gorge, about 4 km, up to the Petasma Waterfall which is 75 m high. Do not forget to spend a few hours on the beach of Perivoli.

Remember to buy olive oil (4 euro per liter) and honey (8 euro per liter) while you are in Dhermi is the best you can find in Albania and one of the best in the Balkans. The oil is very virgin and often homemade. In some parts of Dhermi, there are bananas. They are generally not fully developed, but do not hesitate to enjoy it because it is the only place in Europe where we find! Lemons and oranges are also very popular, and quite pleasant.

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In general, eating at a restaurant in Dhermi (there are different types of places serving pizzas, fish, Italian or Greek cuisine) will cost about 10 euros per meal. There are some really good food fest where you will spend less than 4 euros per person, including the drink.
Piratet is a very nice option if you want to enjoy fresh seafood close to the beach.

You have two places to go out at night, Havana Beach Bar and Cafe del Mare Pub, the best choice on the Ionian coast, well known among Albanians. In fact, Havana Beach Bar is so popular that, in the summer, most of the Albanian gotha ​​is there (people, singers, etc.)

Dhermi is filled with nice and modern cafes, a cafe costs around 50 euro cents, and a cola around 1 euro, a beer around 1-2 euros, and a drink 2-4 euros. But beware, buying in the center of Dhermi is much more expensive than buying in the village, where old women sell what they grow on their balconies (usually called “Veranda” in Albanian)

It will not be difficult to find a place to sleep, unless you visit Dhermi in August, during this month you need to book in advance or the only choice will be camping.
There are hotels in Dhermi, but there is also a resort a few miles north. The resort has some expensive cottages and a pitch for tents.
If you have a room in the village, it will not cost less than 20 euros, but if you rent a close to the beach, it will cost you 20 euros to 40 euros, depending on location and season.

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