The best amusement parks in Europe

dragon_khan_portaventura-spainEurope have a lot of incredible theme parks, there is always something to offer for everyone, whether you are a hardcore addict rollercoaster or a fan quieter attractions based on moods.
It is impossible to describe the full range of European theme parks in one article, but we would like to introduce some of the most popular. To do this, we selected the 10 best European theme parks based on their performance in number of visitors.

Outside the painful moment when you walk on it, everyone loves LEGO. Even today, in a world of video games and computers and tablets dominate the LEGO is still a big brand name and the name clearly attracts the masses. LEGOLAND Windsor in the UK has a range of activities and entertainment, there is even no need to go on the rides to be amazed. However, if LEGOLAND Windsor wants to continue to compete at this level, the park needs to add major attractions.

Alton Towers
Alton Towers is the best theme park in the UK, it has a variety of thrill, roller coasters and water games, tou in the magnificent Staffordshire. The Nemesis is one of the best roller coasters in Europe.

This Italian theme park is opposite to an idyllic, beautiful Lake Garda. It has also a hotel and also a new Sea Life aquarium.
The park is very family oriented, but has recently installed the most important attractions, including the new roller coaster Raptor.

Liseberg is a park located in Gothenburg, Sweden, is perched on a hilltop in the middle of the city. The terrain is conducive to great moments, the oldest roller coaster is Lisebergbanan a train Zierer-Schwarzkopf mine, which winds through the hills and under other rides. The best known is probably ride Balder, the first Intamin coaster prefabricated wooden, it is often considered the best in the world.

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PortAventura is a huge amusement park and personally my favorite theme park. Although located in a fairly industrial part of northern Spain, it manages to throw you into a whole new world combining beauty and magic.
The park itself is a real trek to get around, it is very large and the focus is on the landscape and the landscape. In fact, the park only has 4 truly great rides. But it is not a problem at all, you will enjoy all the attractions. The Dragon Khan is truly a must do.

Tivoli Gardens
As Liseberg, the Tivoli Gardens park is located in a city center, but in this case, in Copenhagen, Denmark. It is the second oldest amusement park in the world and the story is certainly a factor that can attract customers. Rutsjebanen is one of the oldest roller coasters in the world. Tivoli was in fact a major source of inspiration for the Disney parks, Walt Disney loved the quiet charm.


The Dutch park is known for its intense level of theming and the staff friendly. It has a standard methodology Disney, using his own creative engineers to invent rides. The landscape and architecture design are beautiful but there are surprisingly few rides. Joris de Draak is a roller coaster wooden double track.

Europa Park
The mood is very similar to the Efteling, park operators do their best to satisfy customers with the staff, theming and overall experience. Europa Park takes a step ahead of the rest thanks to the rides, always wanting to meet the demands of families and therefore any of their attractions will have restrictions.
Silver Star is the highest roller coaster in Europe, is the biggest attraction.

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Walt Disney Studios
Toy Story Playland is the newest addition to Walt Disney Studios, the second theme park of Disneyland Resort Paris often has a bad reputation, perhaps unfairly. Many feel that the park was poorly planned and is home to a relatively small selection of attractions. But this could not be further from the truth. Indeed, it was not quite the level of immersion of Disneyland Park, or US counterparts, but it certainly rivals Disney Hollywood Studios in Florida.

Disneyland Paris
It is obvious right? The most famous theme park in Europe logically receives as many visitors each year. Since Studios, the main park has had its share of bad press, but it is still one of the best in the world. It shares circuits with most other Disney facilities around the world, but in many cases it is only a name. The rides in Paris are much larger and offer more thrills than in, for example, the version of California.

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